gorge walking

Accompanied by highly experienced outdoor pursuits instructors, follow the river down the gorge, scrambling over rocks, jumping into plunge pools, low level traversing, helping each other across the water and generally having a lot of fun! Usually a full day, but we can go to the times to suit you. All relevant safety kit will be provided for gorge walking which includes: wetsuits, buoyancy aids, helmets and oversuits. There'll be no obligation or pressure for you to complete all the elements of the gorge walk, complete what you feel comfortable with.


raft building

 In teams you will be challenged to build your raft using pioneering skills. Whether you use all of the barrels, wood and rope on offer is up to you! Our Instructors are always on hand to help offer some handy hints, tips and advice as well as instruction. Once built, your team then take to the water to acheive your overall mission: travel across the water without sinking! Great for team building development, Corporate, Staff, Youth or School Group.



The options are abundant with these diverse craft: you can paddle with one, two or threepeople on board, or as part of an extended raft. Open Canoes are ideal vessels for a day trip, with plenty of space to take along some luxury items, making for a more comfortable day out. There is a high chance of staying dry for the whole day, although this cannot be guaranteed! What we can guarante is a great day out with our instructors who will guide you through all of the skills you require. No previous experience is required.

Return Policy

Our goodwill returns policy, which is in addition to your statutory rights, entitles you the right to cancel within seven days of the contract, or seven days of receipt of the goods. Outlook Adventures clients will be offered either a full refund of the fee paid to Outlook Adventures or a transfer to any other course/date.